Tap dancing is an energetic dance style where students learn rhythm, style, technique and musicality through percussive footwork. Tap was initially popularized in Hollywood by such great dancers as Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple and more recently, by the hugely popular performers Tap Dogs, Stomp and Riverdance!

Competitive Tap, Mini Tap 4-6yrs, Tap 1 6-8yrs, Tap 1/2 6-10yrs, Tap 3/4, 9-14 yrs, also by skill level


Acro dance is a seamless combination of acrobatic and gymnastic skills with choreographed dance moves, requiring a great deal of strength and flexibility. We have a certified AcroDance Instructor on Staff. This class is for the more advanced dancer. 

Competitive Acro, Mini Acro 4-6yrs, Acro 1/2 6-9yrs, Acro 3, 9-11 yrs, Acro 4 12+, also by skill level


This beautiful and graceful form of dance combines Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary dance techniques teaching the dancer to communicate emotion and expression through choreography and music. Lyrical encourages the dancer to explore the fascinating world of musicality and the close relationship music shares with dance.

Competitive Lyrical, Mini Lyrical 4-6yrs,

Intermediate Lyrical 7-13yrs, Elite Lyrical 13+ or skill


This is the transition classes from creative dance for ages 4-6 years. Dancers will continue to develop technique in a structured class setting and syllabus while having fun learning choreography. We recommend taking a minimum of 2 mini classes for the full development of the dancer. They are 30min in duration and found back to back on the schedule.

Class Durations

Creative Dance - 30mins

*Mini Classes - 30mins

**Levels 1-4 - 45mins

*Mini classes are only 30min in duration and generally back to back as we encourage dancers to take different disciplines at this age group

**1 hour classes have been shortened to 45mins to adjust for extra cleaning time


Learn new Hip Hop skills and moves combined with an introduction to basic styles, floor work, jazz combinations and hip hop dance moves!  Perfect for both boys and girls and those wanted to have FUN to the latest hip hop music. 

Competitive Hip Hop, Mini Hip Hop 4-6yrs, Hip Hop 7-14

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The basis of all dance forms combines the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture and self-discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet training provides young ballet dancers with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self -confidence. 

Competitive Ballet, Mini Ballet 4-6yrs, Ballet1/2 6-10yrs, Ballet 3, 9-12 yrs, Ballet 4 13+, also by skill level

Recreational Dance
This program is designed for dancers of all levels ages 2 years and up. This program allows for the development of the dancer and technique in a safe and fun atmosphere. Click here for schedule.


This gives the dancers the opportunity to dance at home in their own environment. Dancers will have access to all classes being offered within their appropriate age groups. Click Here

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This class combines dance movements with an emphasis on developing acting and performance skills. Dancers will use facial expressions and body movements to portray different characters and story lines. Dances and routines will be inspired by music from popular movies & musicals!

Competitive Musical Theatre, Mini Musical Theatre 4-6yrs


Singing lessons are an incredible learning tool for all types of performers; from young students who love to sing and want to build skills, to professional singers who need help maintaining their technique.
Singing lessons allow students the opportunity to explore their creativity and musicality in a safe comfortable environment being led by an experienced instructor. 

Mini Vocal 4-6yrs, Vocal 1/2 7-9yrs, Vocal 3/4 10+ yrs

CREATIVE DANCE with parent/guardian

An introduction to dance!  Does your 2 or 3 year old want to dance?   This class is offered for 30mins. Kids get to experience being in the studio; they can wear their favorite dance outfit and get to dance to the latest fun music! Creative Dance aims to introduce the foundations of dance techniques and will include many outlets for creative expression. This season a parent/guardian must accompany their dancer in the class to ensure safety and physical distancing protocols.


The Tumbling class is geared for developing an acrobatic tumbling series which include cartwheels, walkovers round offs, aerials, front/back tucks and backhandsprings.  Athletes will use the tumble track and padded mats. Competitive Tumbling, Open Age


Jazz is the form of dance that seems to be the most popular. It is fun and upbeat using the most recent and popular music hits. Jazz class combines stretching, aerobic exercise, strength, and upbeat movement to create fun exciting routines.

Competitive Jazz, Mini Jazz 4-6yrs,Jazz 1/2 6-10yrs, Jazz 3, 9-12 yrs, Jazz Elite 13+ or skill level


Our dance teacher will adjust the lesson to your prior knowledge and interests. Don’t worry if this is your first time dancing Greek style! You will be introduced to the basic steps and combinations and be able to tune to the rhythm. This class does not have a traditional costume. This is a recital program. Youth and Teen Classes